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Administrative and Consulting Service

  • We can assist with Maternity Claims as well as Normal claims.
  • We supply all the necessary UIF application forms.
  • Advise you step-by-step to ensure the correct completion of your forms and assist you with any queries that may arise.
  • We proofread your forms before you send the originals to us.
  • On commencement of your maternity leave, we submit your application to the Department of Labour (DoL) for processing.
  • On approval of your claim, we request your follow up payments.
  • Note: Processing of the claim is a FREE service and is handled directly by the Department of Labour.

Service Fee

  • A once-off Fee of R650 is payable to Mom's Link for our Services.
  • No hidden cost. We do not take a percentage of your claim.
The abovementioned fees are all inclusive for the entire UIF claim process.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to provide an efficient service to pregnant mommies at an affordable price for all, with individual attention to all our clients.