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Register with us

  • Download our Maternity Registration and Agreement Info HERE.
  • Download our Normal Registration and Agreement Info HERE.
  • Kindly fax or e-mail the completed forms to us, together with proof of payment.
Fax: 086 231 8385

UIF Application Forms

  • Mom's Link will supply the forms as well as step-by-step instructions on how to complete each form.
  • Please contact our office for the most recent forms.

The entire process

  • Download our Registration and Agreement Info.
  • Upon receipt of your registration and proof of payment, you receive an Information pack, consisting of all necessary forms and relevant information for a successful claim.
  • Once your forms have been completed, fax or e-mail the completed forms to Mom's Link to proofread and advise you of any incomplete information.
  • Post, Courier or deliver the original completed forms to us.
  • We submit your initial application and monthly claims to the Department of Labour for the duration of your claim period.
  • UIF Benefit is paid directly into your bank account.

It's time to relax, put your feet up and do what Moms do best -
attend to your little Baby and Dad.